Zoom Baja Cactus Wax Melts

Baja Cactus Wax Melts


Relaxing by the office sipping your favorite coconut cocktail. The notes of coconut, sandalwood and citrus give you a feel of Island Breeze.

Product Details:

Long wax melts, hand poured, made in Georgia with Soy Wax. 

We cannot be exact on how long the scent will last as each burner is different and it depends on how you use them. With most ceramic plates, on average, one cube of wax will last about 16 hours but should be used in 3-4 hour increments). You will still smell the scent when not heated.

Product Net Weight: 3oz

All Pleasant Home Essentials formulas are thoughtfully created to be clean, BPA free, vegan, and cruelty free.


Due to COVID-19 we are not accepting any returns at this time.

When shipping, these products are packed with cooling packs and cool shield envelopes from May until October. Please track these items carefully to ensure they are not left for extended periods in the heat after delivery.

We will not replace items left in mailbox parcels or outside for extended periods. Customers must inspect items within 4hrs of delivery to receive a replacement if melting is noted. Please email photos and order number to pleasanthomeessentials@gmail.com.

Baja Cactus Wax Melts